Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

Why Tourists Still Prefer Expensive Rwanda Gorilla Tours

Among the top tourist attraction in Rwanda is Mountain Gorillas and the major activity is Gorilla Trekking.  In Rwanda, Gorilla trekking is conducted every day in Volcanoes National Park which is situated in north western part of Rwanda in Ruhengeri province.  In comparison, Uganda sells a gorilla permit at US$700, Democratic Republic of Congo at US$400 while that of Rwanda at US$1500.

Despite high cost of a Gorilla permit, Rwanda still competes favorably with the neighboring Uganda and DRC. The unanswered question is that why tourists insist on trekking Rwanda gorillas amidst high cost of the permit. In this article, the write is analyzing reasons:

  • The beautiful Mountains – Rwanda is nick named “the land of a thousand Hills” because of many uplands there. The rolling hill along the way to the home of mountain Gorillas (Volcanoes National Park) Makes the journey amazing. On addition to the rolling hill are the mighty Virunga Mountains which welcomes Visitors to the colony of Mountain Gorillas.
  • The Bamboo type of forest which favours tourists to take clear photographs. Un like the tropical rain forests of Uganda, Volcanoes National Park is composed of clear forest which makes it easier for trekkers to easily detect where gorillas are, clear views and photography.
  • Easy access from Kigali Airport – It’s a 2rs drive from Kigali Airport to Volcanoes National Park. The short distance saves time and facilitates quick gorilla trek and departure. For that case, 1 day Gorilla trek is easily done in Rwanda compared to Uganda and DRC.
  • Short distance walk – Many previous gorilla trekkers do confirm that, Volcanoes National Park offers a short and easy trek. With the help of game rangers, the daily home range of the Mountain Gorillas are easily detected to simply the trek.
  • Tourists practice their choice of accommodation – Rwanda offers budget to high end Hotels, Lodges and Camps. Basing on the tourists’ budget, they can decide to stay in Luxury, Mid-range or Budget accommodation. Some wealthy visitors prefer super luxury accommodation and they are available. Among the super luxury accommodation in Volcanoes National Park include Bisate Lodge, Virunga Lodge and so on.
  • Safety – In tourism sector, safety of the tourist is a priority. Rwanda has maintained safety since the end of 1994 Genocide which cost the lives of over 800,000 people. Today stability is prevailing in the entire country which attracts a large number of visitors.
  • Gorilla trekking supportive measures – The porters are readily available to help carry luggage and or carry weak trekkers to meet Gorillas in their natural habitat. More so, the walking sticks are available to support trekkers through slippery gorilla trekking trails.
  • Rwanda Gorilla trekking saves time – Guests can trek gorillas and fly out on the same day. This is due to good roads, short distance from Kigali International Airport and clear advises from local tour operators. For that case, the guest may realize money saved after 1 day tour. In some countries like Uganda, you need to spend 3 days gorilla tour if the guest fly to Entebbe- drive to Bwindi (7-8hrs drive) – trek Gorillas on day 2 and return to the Airport on day 3.

Due to other benefits, may tourists find them selves tracking the Rwanda Gorillas and forego those in Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo despite of the less cost of the Uganda and DRC gorilla permits.


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