Nyungwe National Park

Nyungwe Tropical Rain Forest National Park is a home to a lot of flora and fauna habituated by about 300 bird species, with 25 bird species endemic, 13 primate species, about 1070 plant species, 85 mammal species, about 40 amphibians, 40 reptile species, and so many others. And among these (bird species) you will be abe to enjoy the big sized and small as well as very small birds and you will be able to see the rift Albertine, the paradise fly catchers, green strong weavers, red breasted sparrow, hawks, etc. These will provide you with the best birding experience in Africa as you will hear the early risers sing and hoot throughout the forest which is yet another wonderful Experience. (though it may be quite hard to view these air moving creatures as they may be covered by the thick vegetation of the forest, therefore you are advised to bring binoculars with you for a better sight).

The National park is also habituated by 13 primate species and well known for settlement of chimpanzees in large numbers, holding about 500of these Apes. It is also a home to several other wild animals like; some of the various types of monkeys(golden monkeys, silver monkeys, two faced monkeys, velvet monkeys, red tailed monkeys, etc. ) ,you should expect to view all these while on your wildlife safaris in the forest. During the wildlife visit, you will also be able to enjoy the various beautiful and colorful butterflies of the African jungle, orchids, several insects’ reptiles (different types of snakes, lizards, crocodiles etc as well as amphibians like the frogs etc).

This wild safari in Rwanda also provides you with the beautiful vegetation of Nyungwe Tropical Rainforest.The forest has the varying vegetation types as you more to higher areas.It has the various vegetation types that is; montane, rainforest, bamboo, grassland, swamps and bogsand this gives such a wonderful scenic view especially when the sun is rising and setting, it provides you with a breath taking view / sight which is quite very memorable. It should be noted that these permits to the forest are provided / or can be obtained from the Rwanda Tourism Development Board, be ready to be absorbed into Africa’s Natural Wonders.

As It is a tropical rainforest, receiving rains throughout the year and also a watershed for several African rivers like Congo and Nile River, hick dressing gear should be included in the package that is a long sleeved shirt and long thick trousers to shield you against the insect stings like nettles found in the forest, raincoat and jacket because it’s a rainy forest and the rains do fall from now and then, hat, tracking / hiking boots as it’s a waterlogged forest, walking sticks, water, snack / food in the backpack as you may go hungry while on the move.

Other regulations and briefings about the forest and wildlife safaris,can be obtained from the park headquarters / office and here, the tour guide and porter will be provided to smoothen up your trip. The tour guide is usually very knowledgeable about the forest and therefore will provide you with more information during your trek and the porter will help you with your back pack and many other things where you may need help.The wildlife safaris permits for tracking chimpanzees, golden monkeys etc are always provided at the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) at; reservation@rwandatourism.com