About Us

Our objective is the promotion of  business  and investment opportunities in Rwanda and assist and guide companies and persons who have an interest in Rwanda or want to invest in Rwanda.

We provide a wide range of business support services and assistance, ranging from general information to market research, from translation to searching you’re your future business partners in Rwanda.

On our website you can find extensive information about the country, the history, the culture, the business environment, business opportunities and a lot more.

One stop shopping to start your company in Rwanda
The consultants and partners of the Rwanda Chamber help you to start your company in Rwanda. We can also manage your company, take care of tax issues, automation, administration and assist you in doing your business in Rwanda. It’s one stop shopping when you come to us and our partners.

Seminars about doing business in Rwanda
The Rwanda Chamber also organises seminars in which we inform you about doing business in Rwanda and the investment opportunities in Rwanda. Please go to our news section to find more information about where and when seminars are organized by us. These events can also be organised in co-operation with companies, which provides a perfect promotional opportunity for such organisations.

Taylor made business trips to Rwanda
The Rwanda Chamber can also assist companies individually by preparing and co-ordinating tailor made business trips to Rwanda. This enables companies to visit important organizations in Rwanda, such as potential business partners, without worrying about travel issues, accommodation and the language barrier. Furthermore, a program is organized in such a way that the amount of business, networking and relaxation vary, according to a company’s wishes.

Marketing and Promotion
The Rwanda Chamber offers several marketing opportunities for companies, whether in the form of a banner on the website, a logo in our newsletter or by sponsoring one of our network activities.

Tax advise
We are familiar with the tax system in Rwanda and we are able to discuss difficult tax matters with the Rwandan Tax Authorities.