Rwanda Honeymoon

Visit Rwanda for a Great Honeymoon

Rwanda is known as a land of a thousand hills even the capital city Kigali is built on a hill, it’s regarded as a perfect place to go on a honey moon. It’s one of Africa’s most scenic countries with a perfect climate; this means that it can be visited at any time of the year. So planning your honey moon safari to this country is rewarding.

Make your honey moon special by visiting the endangered mountain gorillas in the forest of volcanoes national park. There is nothing more memorable than visiting the rare remaining mountain gorillas very deep into the forest. Choosing for this memorable adventure is a good decision as the country is known as the best gorilla trekking safari destination in the world housing almost a half of these remaining apes over about 900 remaining mountain gorillas, Rwanda hosts over 380 of these apes and tracking is a bit easier than in its counterparts Uganda and DRC. Being among the 8 members allowed to track these apes in their natural habitat on your honey moon safari will be an experience in life very difficult to forget. Sitting among the gorillas in the forest thinking that their only 900 individual left in the world is regarded as magnificent experience as you will observe their behaviors as well as taking as many photos as you can (flash cameras are not allowed) and all these are done within one hour the recommended time allowed to stay with these animals.

While on African safari, you can also extent your experience and enjoy more adventurous activities like hiking and tracking chimpanzees the second close relative of man sharing almost 98% of human genes and other primates like golden monkeys, black and white colobus monkey, baboons, civet monkey among others in African Amazon-Africa’s largest Montane forest Nyungwe forest national park in the south western part of Rwanda, Nyungwe forest is a home to over 13 species of primates.

Not only that, Rwanda offers beyond your imagination, however much it’s known as a land locked country, Lake Kivu offers you Africa’s inland cost, it has the most beautiful lodges beyond what you can expect with adventurous activities that gives you long memory stories. This Rwanda’s freshest water body is located on the western side of Rwanda along the border between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda and its known as the sixth largest lake in Africa very good for relaxing, indeed it can gives the best time on this day when you just begin your marriage.

You can’t leave Rwanda minus visiting its capital Kigali Rwanda’s largest city, it’s one of the incredible Rwanda cleanest safest town in Africa with very many flowers and trees within the city which adds on its attractiveness, don’t miss a city tour to visit interesting places like Market places and if interested you can buy interesting items, visit cultural sites, the national museum, memorial sites among others. Rwanda is one of Africa’s most stable countries and your time will be without worry of potential safety and security problems.

If interested you can extend your honey moon across the border to the pearl of Africa where you can continue with gorilla tracking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest Park or Mgahinga National Park, wildlife, chimpanzee, birding, hiking and also white water rafting at the source of the Nile. Depending on your interest, you can begin your honey moon in Rwanda and then end it in Uganda. Email to us if interested in a honey moon safari we will perfectly arrange it for you in a special way just the way you imagine it.


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