Rwanda’s Transformation After Genocide



It is now 29 years of Kwibuka, remembering the 1994 Rwanda Genocide, a past bad incident that froze the hearts of East African nations.

Taking a short flashback to Rwanda’s history compared to the country’s present state, it’s amazing how the once horrified Rwanda has transformed into the most peaceful, beautiful and attractive country on the world travel map. Right from Kigali international airport, travelers to Rwanda are welcomed by the courteous, calmness, cleanness and happy Rwanda which state has left most travelers surprised of how Rwanda is a hidden treasure.  For people who have never been to Rwanda, the country offers it all, the sorrowful genocide is now history and hard to believe that it once happened.

Though most first time travelers to Rwanda are out weighed by sad memories of the massacre, its surprising to find a different story of joy and happiness contrary to what they expected, After 100 days of innocent bloodshed claiming roughly 100,000 people, the government of Rwanda and local people sworn a “never again”. Rwandans have picked up pieces of genocide ashes from which a strong nation has been established.  It’s amazing how gruesome the genocide that once unfolded across the steep lush hills of Rwanda is history.

Zeroing down to the travel industry, Rwanda is the best country to visit and stay. There are neither miserable people on the streets nor sorrowful genocide stories but only quietness, cleanness and harmony. On reaching the airport, all the fears and negative perception about Rwanda disappears into extreme joy, happiness and excitement assuring you of a great stay in the country.  The government of Rwanda under the leadership of Paul Kagame sworn a never again and picked up the pieces of genocide ashes from which a strong nation has come out.


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