Why Rent a Car for Self Drive in Rwanda

It has been more than a year that people across the country are staying indoors mostly and going out only when they have some urgent work. Working professionals are working from home, students are attending online classes, and even grocery shopping is carried out through online mode.

Amid all of these happenings, one thing that many of us are longing for is a trip with family or friends. Many would say that trips can be too risky in that case, we can always choose a destination that is thinly crowded and where all the COVID protocols are being maintained.

Let us also discuss the benefits of car rental for a road trip.

  1. Affordable

Tourists, therefore anyone with a little decent income can afford it. However, if you want to buy a car instead, you will have to go through a long process that will include buying the car, registration of the vehicle, and even taking a loan all of which will take a toll on your finances.

  1. No loan

Since it is a car rental service, you do not have to take a loan, which also means you are free from enjoying your trip to the fullest. You can use the money for something else, such as buying accessories for the ride.

  1. Flexible

As you take a self-drive car rental service, you get the flexibility of choosing a time to start the journey and taking as many pit-stops as you want. You do not have to be bothered about the driver who comes along with the cab and many times take breaks in between the journey as per his wish.

  1. Privacy

As you choose a car for self-drive in Rwanda, it is only you and your favorite people in the car. You do not have to worry about being watched or judged by any outsiders. The fun of a journey gets doubled when you are surrounded only by people that you call your own.

Weekends and late evenings are the only times that we get to spend with family and friends. Imagine the irritation of having an unknown driver snoop over all your conversations, smirk at your dilemmas, and laugh at your jokes. This gets even worse when you rent a cab for a tour outside the city spanning a couple of days.

  1. Hygienic

The cars on rent provided by Rwanda Car Rental are deep cleaned and thoroughly sanitized before it is delivered to you. Therefore, you can forget about the virus and all the germs that the car may have. Hygiene is a big factor, especially in a time when the pandemic is giving a hard time to the world.

  1. Free maintenance

Maintenance and repairs on car rental service is included in the rental amount that you pay monthly. This is all taken care of by the company, and they will pick up the car for maintenance and servicing once a month and deliver it back to your home once done. Before picking it up from your home, you will get a call from them and the time can be decided at your convenience.


Another driver problem in India is that of safety. Drivers are one of the least paid and most overworked people in India. So you can be sure that most of the times, your driver is exhausted, tired and not totally on top of his senses. Apart from that, it is almost a routine for us to tell a taxi driver “not to drive rash”, which just goes to prove how much safer you can be when you are in control of your own self-drive rental.


Going for a self-drive rental car takes out the fuss and irritation of a trip by giving you the freedom to be your own boss. You can get out of the house later than you planned, leave a place early, and stop as and when you please when you are driving your own rental car. There is absolutely no hurry because you do not have to deal with a running meter and a driver who needs to be somewhere else the moment he is free of you”.

Cost Benefits

Apart from all the conveniences of self-drive rental cars, another major plus point in favor of the self-driven rental verses a cab is the cost. Cabs are costly because your driven to your destination and yet self-drive car rental your drive yourself to every destination at a fixed price.

How to plan a trip with a car rental?

Car rental for a road trip is a great idea. And to benefit by using this idea, you can get in touch with a company like Kenya car rental by visiting our website first. You can browse through website and choose the car that you want. As you get an email or call from the company, you can then further discuss your requirement. You can choose between an unboxed car and a brand new car.

An unboxed car is not usually more than three years old and comes in great condition. You hardly have to worry about the condition of the car, no matter which option you are going for. As long as the documents are concerned, you have to provide valid ID proof.

Once you are done with all the formalities, the only thing you need to plan is the destination you are going to and the accommodation that you will be staying at.

Lastly, now that you are all set up for a road trip, what if you do not own a car? Well, trips are easy to plan and carry out if you have a car. And if you do not have one, you can any day opt for a car on rental. Gone are the days when you could only travel with total flexibility if you had a car. These days, self-drive cars can be taken on rent and you can drive to wherever you want and the way you want.


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